I live in a house with very little outdoor space, but I still wanted to grow some of my own food, so I started a container garden on my patio a few years ago. The first year was a steep learning curve with a lot of trial and error, but I've learned a lot about growing vegetables in containers and believe it's a valuable skill for everyone to have. I started this blog to share what I've learned and provide tips for making the most of the outdoor space you have. You'll find posts on a range of topics, such as the nutrients required for healthy vegetable plants, how to prepare your soil, companion planting for natural bug control and succession planting to grow more vegetables in the space you have available. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Choosing a Material for Your Kitchen Benchtop

18 March 2021
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If you've decided to purchase a new kitchen benchtop, you may be trying to decide on the type of material you want it to be made out of. This article provides a guide to some of the materials which are used to manufacture benchtops. Read on to find out more! Engineered Stone Engineered stone is made of quartz or ceramic materials bound together by resin under high heat and pressure. It is well-suited for use as a kitchen benchtop because of its durability and aesthetics. Read More …

Reasons to Install Plantation Shutters in Your Home

4 January 2021
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If you're looking for an attractive window covering that offers plenty of lighting control, why not consider plantation shutters? Following are several reasons to install these window coverings in your home. Increases a Home's Sale Appeal Plantation shutters help to improve the curb view of a house. Even when fitted indoors, the shutters give the facade a textured decorative effect visible from the street. If you sell your home in the future, the attractive external view could entice buyers to enter and explore the building further. Read More …

Benefits of a Straight Drop Awning to a Business

18 November 2020
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Running a business in Australia is not as easy as some people would like to imagine. It requires hard work, tenacity and a strategic approach to keep costs low and achieve profitability. Notably, straight drop awnings are a great addition to a business store for different reasons. This article provides more information in this regard. Keep reading. Marketing Opportunity   The main difference between a straight drop and a lateral arm retractable awning lies in the mode of operation. Read More …

Flower Planting Tips

14 September 2020
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Flowers are an essential feature of your landscape. Other than enhancing your curb appeal, they make your property stand out and attractive to buyers. Below are some flower planting tips to ensure a healthy garden.  Conduct a Soil Test A soil test will help you establish the drainage, pH, and nutritional content of the soil. Purchase a soil testing kit at your florist or landscaper's store. They are easy to use and will give instant results. Read More …

Top Considerations When Installing Awnings

16 July 2020
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Outdoor awnings provide shade and are a beautiful addition to any property. When squeezed up for space, you should consider shelters that allow people to lounge, dine and wine outside. Despite their usefulness, most people are unaware of what to prioritise when buying awning. Here are a few essential aspects to consider when shopping for awnings. Fixed or Retractable Awnings Based on the current realities and needs, you can either choose a fixed or retractable awning. Read More …