Reasons to Install Plantation Shutters in Your Home

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Reasons to Install Plantation Shutters in Your Home

4 January 2021
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

If you're looking for an attractive window covering that offers plenty of lighting control, why not consider plantation shutters? Following are several reasons to install these window coverings in your home.

Increases a Home's Sale Appeal

Plantation shutters help to improve the curb view of a house. Even when fitted indoors, the shutters give the facade a textured decorative effect visible from the street. If you sell your home in the future, the attractive external view could entice buyers to enter and explore the building further.

By matching classic white shutters to white window frames, you'll have a versatile window covering that will flatter different room styles and colours. Thus, others could decorate the room in whatever way they wish. Other window coverings, such as curtains, might not suit everyone's taste, and therefore they may not add to a home's appeal in the same way plantation shutters do.

Offers Light and Privacy Control

Plantation shutters allow you to adjust the louvres with a tilt rod in numerous ways. You can close the blades to darken the room or open them fully to allow maximum light inside. Of course, you can also position the louvres at various angles to filter the light. If you install hinged, bifold, or sliding shutters, you also have the option of swinging or moving them to the side completely to reveal a transparent window view. Thus, you have diverse ways to control the room's illumination and privacy. Additionally, because shutters fit securely within the window,  they don't allow light to peep around the sides and underneath as curtains and blinds do.

Gives Coverage Options

You can also install plantation shutters to cover portions of the window to provide further light and privacy control. One strategy is to cover the entire window with the shutter. You can also take a tiered approach and cover the top and bottom sections of a window with separate shutters. This arrangement allows you to close the lower ones, creating privacy, while adjusting the louvres in the top shutter to let in the daylight. A third option is using cafe shutters to cover the lower part of the window. However, you can't control the light flowing inside the window's bare top section with this option.

Coordinates With Curtains

Another reason to install plantation window shutters is that they coordinate well with curtains. You could pair them with curtains in bedrooms or living areas to add an extra layer of cosiness. If you have cafe shutters installed in the kitchen, you could fit a valance or a curtain over the upper part to block light.