Benefits of a Straight Drop Awning to a Business

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Benefits of a Straight Drop Awning to a Business

18 November 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Running a business in Australia is not as easy as some people would like to imagine. It requires hard work, tenacity and a strategic approach to keep costs low and achieve profitability. Notably, straight drop awnings are a great addition to a business store for different reasons. This article provides more information in this regard. Keep reading.

Marketing Opportunity  

The main difference between a straight drop and a lateral arm retractable awning lies in the mode of operation. Straight drop awnings operate in an up-down motion while lateral arm shades extend and retract. A business needs to take advantage of any surface for marketing purposes. Therefore, in addition to providing shade to a store's interior, straight drop awnings are excellent for marketing platforms. It is because they can be custom-made to feature personalised advertising. For example, you can print your store's name and the services you offer on the outer surface. The multifunctional capability might explain the popularity of straight drop awnings over other designs.

Easy to Clean 

The amount of time and resources you spend cleaning and maintaining an awning can interfere with your store's smooth operations. For instance, lateral hanging awnings collect a lot of dirt because dust settles on the surface quickly. As such, regular cleaning is necessary to ensure that debris does not weigh down on an awning to the point of damage. However, cleaning might interfere with foot traffic into a store. Therefore, it is better to remove lateral arm awnings for cleaning and drying. On the other hand, straight drop awnings are easy to maintain, and cleaning it does not affect footfall into the store. Moreover, you can clean the awning without removing in situ, which shortens the duration of the process. All you need is a long-handle squeegee and a detergent.

Enhanced Credibility  

In addition to marketing your store and providing shade, straight drop awnings boost your credibility. It is essential because drop awnings are opaque and might block a storefront when pulled down, especially if you install the awnings all around your store's windows. Consequently, customers are left to guess the services you offer unless they go inside, which is not suitable for business. A straight drop awning printed with your contact information enhances your store's credibility. Potential customers passing by can easily read the awning and know who they are dealing with before setting foot inside the store.

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