I live in a house with very little outdoor space, but I still wanted to grow some of my own food, so I started a container garden on my patio a few years ago. The first year was a steep learning curve with a lot of trial and error, but I've learned a lot about growing vegetables in containers and believe it's a valuable skill for everyone to have. I started this blog to share what I've learned and provide tips for making the most of the outdoor space you have. You'll find posts on a range of topics, such as the nutrients required for healthy vegetable plants, how to prepare your soil, companion planting for natural bug control and succession planting to grow more vegetables in the space you have available. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Give your kitchen a facelift with these hot new appliance ideas

21 May 2018
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When carrying out kitchen renovations, many homeowners pay attention to their floors, walls, countertops and backwashes. These are all important parts of the kitchen and they define the success of the overall project. However, kitchen appliances are the finishing touch to the kitchen renovation. They are the icing on the cake and the cherry on top. It is important to incorporate modern and useful appliances into your kitchen space in order to make the kitchen area as useful as possible. Read More …

How to Use Mesh Around Your Home

14 May 2018
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Mesh performs a number of functions that architects and landscapers make use of frequently. You can borrow from the ideas of professional designers to create stunning looks both inside and outside of the home. Mesh is a solid structure which creates a physical barrier between two zones. Architects like it because it can be used to define a space, but you can still see through it. Because light and air can move freely through a mesh panel, it is not as visually impactful as other structural forms, such as brick walls or wooden fences. Read More …

Slate Tiles – The Pros and Cons You Need To Be Aware Of

23 April 2018
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Tile flooring has been a staple material for Australian homes. However, millennial homeowners are not looking to opt for the cookie cutter design of ceramic and porcelain tiles for them home. Instead, new homeowners strive for supplies that lend a unique character to their home while also increasing the marketability of their premises. Resultantly, there has been an upsurge in demand for unconventional flooring materials. Slate is one of the natural elements that has been used for exterior flooring but is now steadily making an appearance inside contemporary homes. Read More …

Simple Tips for Improving a Home’s Exterior and Curb Appeal

2 April 2018
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Your home's exterior and its overall curb appeal are both very important, as the look of your house from the outside can affect its actual value, even if the structure itself is in good repair. If your home seems a bit rundown, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on improving it, as even a few simple upgrades and fixes can mean a more attractive and welcoming exterior appearance. Note a few simple tips on what you might do to make your home look better on the outside, and to enhance its overall curb appeal. Read More …

How to Add Charm to Your Home’s Exterior

27 February 2018
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If your home's curb appeal is a bit lacklustre, some minor changes and a few simple touches can bring in lots of charm and character, without you needing to overspend on major exterior renovations. Note some simple tips for how to add major charm to your home's exterior, quickly, easily, and affordably. Cover your porch If your home's front porch is not covered, or the roof overhang is a bit drab and dull, consider adding a nice porch awning with thick columns. Read More …