How to Use Mesh Around Your Home

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How to Use Mesh Around Your Home

14 May 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Mesh performs a number of functions that architects and landscapers make use of frequently. You can borrow from the ideas of professional designers to create stunning looks both inside and outside of the home. Mesh is a solid structure which creates a physical barrier between two zones. Architects like it because it can be used to define a space, but you can still see through it. Because light and air can move freely through a mesh panel, it is not as visually impactful as other structural forms, such as brick walls or wooden fences. If you want a divider in the garden or to split up a large internal space, then consider the many forms you can create with the products available from mesh suppliers these days.

Wheeled Space Dividers

If you have an open-plan living space in your home, then you can create distinct zones for the lounge, kitchen and dining area using furniture. Good dividers tend to be things like bookcases and curtains. However, if you opt for a section of mesh that is held in a frame and bolted onto casters, then you will have something that blocks off a pathway but which still allows you to see through to the other side. For example, you can use one to prevent access to your kitchen while children are playing nearby, but still keep an eye on them. When you want to alter the configuration of the space, simply wheel the framed mesh to a new position.

Attractive Security Screens

Mesh can be used to prevent access but still provide adequate airflow. It can be used to make superb security grilles and screens that are attractive on the outside of any window. Unlike iron bars, mesh is finer and makes your home look less like a prison. Various grades of mesh can be chosen from leading suppliers, so the degree of security the product offers can vary, depending on your exact requirements.

Architectural Fencing

Mesh is popular in public installations to create fences and other forms of division between places, such as underneath balustrades. Chicken wire fences are practical enough, but they don't exactly announce themselves as something any exterior designer would be proud of. On the other hand, installing mesh between fence posts looks better and is much more suited to a modern home setting. Mesh provides a good method of marking out a boundary or enclosing a space in your garden, such as a swimming pool, to make it safer.