Simple Tips for Improving a Home's Exterior and Curb Appeal

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Simple Tips for Improving a Home's Exterior and Curb Appeal

2 April 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Your home's exterior and its overall curb appeal are both very important, as the look of your house from the outside can affect its actual value, even if the structure itself is in good repair. If your home seems a bit rundown, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on improving it, as even a few simple upgrades and fixes can mean a more attractive and welcoming exterior appearance. Note a few simple tips on what you might do to make your home look better on the outside, and to enhance its overall curb appeal.

Clean the roof

A home's roof might look like it's old and in disrepair, when it's really only covered in leaves, twigs, moss, dust, and dirt. A good power washing of the roof can remove all that built-up debris, and make the surface look like new. Cleaning the roof also gives you a chance to note if there are any missing shingles or tiles, and if flashing around the chimney or roof vents is starting to crack or peel away. You can then make those quick fixes or call a contractor, and ensure your roof is in good repair while also looking its best.


Note if your home's exterior colour is dull, drab, and downright boring. A plain white house may have little curb appeal, whereas even a subtle shade of grey or tan can make a home stand out. You might even choose something a bit more bold, such as a deep blue or red, if allowed by local regulations or a homeowner's association. Note, too, that brick can also be repainted; individual bricks can be given a touch-up so that the red is restored and enhanced, or you might paint a brick home white so that its trim stands out and is more noticeable and attractive.

Construct add-ons

If the home's exterior is in good condition but just seems a bit boring, consider add-ons that will enhance its appearance. Decorative shutters can break up a long exterior wall and make windows seem more attractive. Awnings can add pops of colour over the windows, and fabric awnings especially can soften the look of aluminium siding. Glass awnings can also enhance a modern home with lots of metal and glass features, while a classic metal awning in a deep copper can add elegance to a home, giving it a more stately appearance. Opt for awnings with fancy arms and frames, in a scrolling metalwork, for even more depth and for better curb appeal for your home as well.