Why In-Floor Heating Makes Your Home Much More Efficient

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Why In-Floor Heating Makes Your Home Much More Efficient

31 August 2021
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In-floor heating has been around for many decades now and it has gone through significant changes in that time. Nowadays, it is not just a luxury but can be part of a well-organised system to create a more efficient heating component in your home. While most people scoff at the idea of in-floor heating, as it costs too much or is too hard to put in place, the truth is that neither of these two common misconceptions holds much weight at all. Here are a few reasons why you should consider in-floor heating and how it can benefit your home.

Easy To Install Almost Anywhere

In the past, there was concern about in-floor heating and so it was mostly placed under tiled floors, which people considered not flammable. However, modern in-floor heating coils and systems are so advanced and durable that there is less chance of any fire hazard even when they are placed beneath wooden planks or carpet. As such, now you can have in-floor heating in much more than just your bathroom or kitchen, which are not often used for long periods of time. Now you can have it in every room of the house and make each area nice and warm.

Increased Speed

A heating system can heat up your rooms, but it will take quite a lot of time before it does this well. That is because so many parts of your home soak up that initial burst of heat they get from the heating system, and it is only after these thermal insulators have soaked up a lot of that heat that the room temperature rises. With in-floor heating and HVAC systems in operation at the same time, rooms become warmer much quicker. If you hate waiting for your heating to warm up in the dead of winter, or you don't have much time before going off to work in the morning, then this two-pronged approach is the best you can get.

Easy To Maintain

Once you reach the temperature you want or feel comfortable at, then in-floor heating can keep it there, largely on its own. Hot air rises, after all, and so heating rooms from the bottom makes the most sense, as it radiates through every part of the house before finally cooling, rather than the heating system which is often placed in the upper half of rooms and therefore doesn't heat the lower half as well. If you want the most effective heating system you can get, you need an in-floor component. 

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