Choosing Your Stone Kitchen Benchtop: Which Factors Matter?

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Choosing Your Stone Kitchen Benchtop: Which Factors Matter?

7 January 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

One of the major tasks you need to do when designing your kitchen is evaluating different kitchen benchtops to make an informed choice. The benchtop you pick can transform your kitchen and make a lasting impression. For this reason, you should consider all your options before selecting your benchtops.

A stone kitchen benchtop is one of the popular surfaces you can consider today. These benchtops improve the functionality and appearance of the kitchen and last longer than other benchtops. But before installing your stone benchtop, there are certain factors you should take into consideration. Some of them are listed below.


Stone benchtops come in different forms, and it is your responsibility to ensure the benchtop material you select suits your style. Do your research to know the key features of the primary benchtops, like marble, natural stone, engineered stone and granite. You can also seek expert advice before you make a choice. The same material can also be used in the bathroom and laundry area to give your home an identical colour pallet.


How much are you willing to spend on kitchen benchtops? Stone benchtops come at varying costs, so choose the material you can afford. Prices usually include production expenses, supply and installation. Visit several benchtop suppliers to know how much it will cost to get granite, engineered stone, natural stone or any other stone benchtop you prefer, and compare the costs. You should be able to find a supplier you can work with. In case you cannot afford the material of your choice, consider the second best. Either way, you will find a material that suits your preferences and budget.

Note that granite and marble stones need to be transported to the worksite so they can be custom-made and installed as per your needs. The experts will make sure that the cabinetry can handle the weight of the stone benchtop so you don't suffer losses.


Cleanliness is essential in every kitchen since this is the place where you will be preparing and taking your meals. While installing stone surfaces will undoubtedly make your kitchen beautiful, you will be required to clean them regularly to maintain cleanliness in your kitchen. Therefore, you should know your material's level of maintenance before installation. For instance, if you allow orange juice to linger on your marble surface for long, it will affect the protective coating, leaving a permanent stain. Knowing everything about your benchtop surface care will also promote its longevity, giving you better value for your investment.

Contact kitchen benchtop suppliers for more information.