Call and Response: How Modern Technology is Replacing the Door Chain

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Call and Response: How Modern Technology is Replacing the Door Chain

27 June 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

If you're the kind of person who feels uncomfortable opening the door of your home to strangers, then you're not alone. You're also not being irrational. In times gone by, there were a couple of ways of dealing with these concerns. Namely, there's the peephole and the door chain — but modern technology is fast replacing both these solutions with sleeker, safer ideas. Here are just a few.

Dedicated Entry Systems

Though the more luxury brands can be expensive, dedicated entry systems provide complete and safe solutions for those uncertain about answering the door. Cameras and microphones are installed outside the front door, connected up to a wall-mounted device inside your home. This allows you to clearly see and hear your visitor and speak to them without opening the door, even a crack. These systems can also frequently be combined with buzzer entry systems, if you so choose.


Although CCTV cameras are no longer a new idea, they're still evolving. Many modern CCTV systems now allow you to connect the camera to an app on your phone, allowing you access to your home's security footage no matter where you are. This may be especially useful for those who find it difficult or tiring to go and physically check who is at the door before they head to open it — and it will offer you great peace of mind if you ever head out on vacation and wish to check on your home from afar. They also allow you to monitor way more than just your front door.

Electronic Locks

If you're looking for a big change, you can even replace your lock entirely with an electronic one. Rather than requiring a physical key to gain access to your property, you will instead be able to hold up an access key — such as your phone. This means that you cannot lose your key or have it stolen, and you'll also be able to give access to any visitors you wish to, such as friends or family. You will also be able to lock and unlock the door at any time you choose. These doors are generally safe and cannot be forced any more than a regular lock.

In short, there are ways for everybody to update their home security with modern technological advances. While some ideas may be slightly out of budget, there will always be options — and you should absolutely explore these to make sure you can be as comfortable as possible in your home.