Easy Tips for Fixing a Broken Footrest on Your Recliner Lounge

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Easy Tips for Fixing a Broken Footrest on Your Recliner Lounge

28 June 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

You're settling down to relax in your recliner lounge, but unfortunately, the footrest isn't working like it should. It may be stuck, one side may refuse to extend or it may be in the wrong position. Regardless of the issue, here are some basic repair tips to try.

1. Look at the Footrest

To get a good look at the underside of the footrest, you may want to gently put your recliner on its back. Do the same for a modular sofa or lounge with a reclining section. Then, manually extend the footrest as far as possible so you can assess what's happening.

2. Compare the Sides

In most cases, only one side of your footrest is likely to be having trouble. Typically, damage doesn't happen simultaneously on both sides. Compare the side that is working with the other side, and try to spot the difference.

3. Replace Bent Pieces of Frame

If some of the frame has bent, you need to remove and replace that bit. Most of the pieces are held together with nuts, and you should be able to remove the bent piece just by removing the bolts at both end of it. You will need an impact driver or a spanner. Then, contact a recliner manufacturer to see if you can get a replacement part.

4. Tighten the Bolt on the Latch

With footrests, this issue may also be with the release latch on one side. Luckily, this is typically held in place by a nut and bolt as well, and it's relatively easy to repair.

Remove the components so you can straighten everything. Then, follow the setup on the working side of the footrest, and replicate the same pattern on the broken side. If the bolt is stripped, you may want to replace it. Once everything is tightened, it should work again.

5. Add Lubricant as Needed

If you don't see any physical damage on the components of the footrest, the parts may just be sticking. That may be preventing proper deployment of the footrest. To avoid that, apply some lubricant such as WD40 to the metal. You can spray it on or massage it on with a cloth. If you spray it, put a newspaper or sheet over the upholstery to protect it.

For more help, contact a professional repair person. Otherwise, it may be time to treat yourself to a new modular lounge, recliner or sofa.