Clever Storage Hacks for Your Home's Bedroom

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Clever Storage Hacks for Your Home's Bedroom

22 June 2017
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Even with a walk-in closet or built-in wardrobe, you may not be taking full advantage of the space in your bedroom when it comes to storage for all your clothes, shoes, and other accessories. Your bedroom may also need to serve double duty if you have a desk in the room for a hobby or for paying bills, so you may need storage for office supplies and similar materials. Note a few clever bedroom storage hacks to ensure you're using every square inch or centimetre of available space for needed storage.

Towel bars

Invest in some sturdy towel bars and hang these by the bedroom door or inside the closet door. You can then store your shoes on these bars, hanging them by the heels.

For shoes without heels, such as sneakers, turn them around so the sole is facing outward, and slide them behind the bar. They should be held nice and firm, and keeping the sole facing outward will keep the wall from getting scuffed and scratched.

Hang your coats on the wall

Your closet might be lacking storage if you store your overcoats and jackets there, rather than in a front closet by the home's entryway. Invest in some simple but sturdy hooks that you can hang on a wall, or choose a deep hook for behind the bedroom door. You can then hang your coats, suit coats, jackets, and other bulky items on those hooks, keeping them organized and neat and at your fingertips, and out of your bedroom closet.

Get a corkboard and small organizers

One challenge with investing in organizers for inside a drawer is that you may change out the items that need storage, but are stuck with the organizers you buy and how they're arranged. A good solution is to buy a corkboard and small organizers you can move around on pushpins and tacks, as needed. Over the desk, you might use small racks to hold sticky notes or your bills, and a canister for pens. You can change those bins and their location on the board as you pay those bills or buy new items for your hobbies.

Over your dresser, you can use pushpins to hold necklaces and bracelets, and small canisters for earrings, rings, and other jewellery pieces. Larger pins and tacks can hold a handbag, scarves, or neckties. The corkboard gives you freedom to change the size of tacks and pins you use, as well as the organizers, and to move them around as it best suits your storage needs.