Storage and Organizational Tips for a Small Bathroom

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Storage and Organizational Tips for a Small Bathroom

29 May 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

If your home has a large and expansive bathroom, then you probably don't worry too much about how to store all your linens and personal care items. However, if your home has a small bathroom, you may struggle to store and organize all those items you need in the bath, including hair care products, makeup, and even cleaning supplies. Note a few tips for storing and organizing those everyday essentials, even in a small bathroom:


It's easy to say that you should just add shelving to a small bathroom in order to add storage and to help organise your everyday items, but shelves can easily jut out from the wall, get in the way of a shower door or the bathroom door, and may also allow your smaller items to just fall off. A good alternative is to look for a spice rack or two! Spice racks are designed to be very compact and to hold smaller bottles and tins, and these are perfect for a small bathroom and for holding makeup items, bottles of hair care products, shaving accessories, and the like.

You can also scale down shelving with a simple DIY project. Hang a long, thin board to one wall, such as next to over right over the sink, and then attach jars, such as small mason jars or baby food jars, to this board, using hot glue. You can use the jars to store cotton balls, cotton swabs, razors, combs and brushes, and other such items.

In the shower

If the bathroom has a tub or long walk-in shower, look for a hanging fruit basket in the produce section of a supermarket, and hang this from the ceiling in one corner. Make sure the basket is made of aluminium so it doesn't corrode, but this set of tiered baskets is perfect for holding soaps, shampoos, shaving needs, and all those smaller items you use when in the shower. Hanging it from the ceiling also gets it out of the way and opens up the space.

Also, be sure you're using specialty organizers in every corner of the shower for storing your items. These organizers are usually made of wire or waterproof metal, and are attached to the shower walls with suction cups; they're made to hold soap, a razor, a shower brush, or a to provide a small basket for shampoos. Hang these on the wall or the inside of a glass shower screen for maximum storage and organizing in the shower.

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