Decorate your Home and Protect your Privacy with these Different Types of Curtains

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Decorate your Home and Protect your Privacy with these Different Types of Curtains

16 May 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Curtains contribute a great deal to the overall outlook of your home. Based on the type of material, colour, your interior taste, and the overall décor of your home, curtains exist in different forms. Having the best choice for your specific needs will not only serve for privacy purposes and decoration but will also give your house an outstanding look even on the outside. Go through a simple guide to know the various options you could select from to come up with a unique taste for your home.

Pencil Pleated Heading Curtains

This style of curtains uses the traditional standard heading for valances and curtains. A tape of reasonable length is used in three hook positions to perfectly suit all the types of poles and tracks. The curtains in this category are always supplied un-pulled to enable you gather to the standard width required.

Ripple Folded Curtains

This style has an invisible finish set with regular ripples on the whole curtain surface. They are simple flat panel fabrics that are wide enough than the window they cover. The reason for the difference in size is to offer fullness that most people consider attractive. This style is one of the most common used in many homes. The will offer you minimal maintenance demands, effective blend with any kind of décor in your home, good light control, and flexibility due to their compatible ability with different track systems.

Eyelet Curtains

These types of curtains have an even number of holes with well threaded metal eyelets on the curtain rod. Just like pencil pleat, the heading is common in ready-made curtains due to its popular use across many track widths. Eyelet curtains are limited to being hung on curtain rods.

Rod Pocket Curtains

This model is another versatile curtain type with a heading that is used for ready-made curtains due to its ability to suite a wide range of track widths. The whole width is run by a pocket system through which the rod is inserted.

Rod pocket curtains are generally difficult to open and close hence mainly used for decorative functions. For this reason, they should not be placed on major windows or places that are too busy since they cannot be opened often. Additionally, they are only limited to curtain rods and should not be considered for rooms that require more lighting.

When shopping for your favourite style, be sure of your home specifications to come up with a compatible curtain.