Air conditioning advice | Great ways to keep cool during summer

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Air conditioning advice | Great ways to keep cool during summer

19 July 2016
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Nothing beats the feeling of a cool indoor relaxation during the hot summer season. Keeping your house cool is not as easy as it sounds. Not to worry. Help is here. With some of the following air conditioning tips, you will be able to beat the heat and enjoy the summer.

Contact your contractor

No one knows your AC better than your contractor. So, when the leaves begin to dry, get hold of your HVAC service provider. Have a discussion with them about different Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (SEERs). These are ratings that gauge the efficiency of an AC unit. See what advice they have to give and whether you can afford their recommendation. Remember, a one point difference in these energy efficiency ratios can actually save you a lot of energy costs. Furthermore, have your contractor also check for any malfunctions and fine tune your AC for better cooling performance.

Use the thermostat efficiently

It is best to set your thermostat at its maximum temperature during summer when you are not at home and lower it to room temperature when you get back and need cooling. You should do this to reduce the temperature gradient between your indoors and outdoors. For automation, have a programmable thermostat installed. The lower this difference is, the less power your AC will need to cool your home. This will in turn save you substantial energy costs.

Top up with other ventilation strategies

During summer, your air conditioner will need all the help it can get. So, why not complement it with other ventilation appliances. A ceiling fan would be a good option for your living room. Also, have fans installed in wet areas such as the bathroom or laundry room to get rid of the humidity in your house. For a better cooling effect, ensure your fans are connected directly to the outdoors and not just the attic.

Apart from that, weatherise your house by sealing any air leaks, insulating your HVAC tubes and adding window films. The key here is to prevent any cold air loss to the outside and hot air from rushing in.

Clean your air conditioner

For a better cooling performance, you need to thoroughly clean your air conditioning components. The presence of dust in the AC may cause the filter to clog. When this happens, more energy will be required to provide the same amount of cooling, thus lowering the system's efficiency. So, have your filter cleaned regularly or replaced if old.

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