I live in a house with very little outdoor space, but I still wanted to grow some of my own food, so I started a container garden on my patio a few years ago. The first year was a steep learning curve with a lot of trial and error, but I've learned a lot about growing vegetables in containers and believe it's a valuable skill for everyone to have. I started this blog to share what I've learned and provide tips for making the most of the outdoor space you have. You'll find posts on a range of topics, such as the nutrients required for healthy vegetable plants, how to prepare your soil, companion planting for natural bug control and succession planting to grow more vegetables in the space you have available. I hope you enjoy my blog.

How to Integrate Feature Walls With Window Treatments

8 June 2017
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Feature walls can have a dramatic effect on any living quarters. If you have chosen a relatively subtle colour scheme for your lounge or dining room, for instance, then decorating one wall with a much more dramatic pattern or tonal quality will really make the overall décor stand out. However, some interior designers think that certain walls are unsuited to become feature walls. Usually, this is because they have large windows or sliding patio doors in them. Read More …

Why Should You Use a Double-Cylinder Deadlock Instead of a Single-Cylinder?

30 May 2017
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A deadbolt is a type of lock that cannot be jimmied open once it has been turned, so they are often recommended by locksmiths as a way to improve home security. However, there are different types of deadbolts, and one of the most common distinctions is between single-cylinder and double-cylinder versions. With a single-cylinder deadlock, a key is only required to open the lock from the outside, with a simple thumb-turn usually positioned on the interior side of the door. Read More …

Storage and Organizational Tips for a Small Bathroom

29 May 2017
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If your home has a large and expansive bathroom, then you probably don't worry too much about how to store all your linens and personal care items. However, if your home has a small bathroom, you may struggle to store and organize all those items you need in the bath, including hair care products, makeup, and even cleaning supplies. Note a few tips for storing and organizing those everyday essentials, even in a small bathroom: Read More …

Decorate your Home and Protect your Privacy with these Different Types of Curtains

16 May 2017
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Curtains contribute a great deal to the overall outlook of your home. Based on the type of material, colour, your interior taste, and the overall décor of your home, curtains exist in different forms. Having the best choice for your specific needs will not only serve for privacy purposes and decoration but will also give your house an outstanding look even on the outside. Go through a simple guide to know the various options you could select from to come up with a unique taste for your home. Read More …

Eco-Friendly Options to Discuss With Your Home Builder

27 February 2017
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When having a new home built, you would do well to consider all the eco-friendly options possible and discuss these with a home builder. Your home and site will have quite a bit of impact on the environment while the house is being built and then after you take occupancy, so note a few factors to consider and talk over with your builder. Design the house and lot around the existing trees Read More …