Reasons to Add a Built-in Wardrobe to Your Bedroom

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Reasons to Add a Built-in Wardrobe to Your Bedroom

3 February 2022
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Are you starting to run out of wardrobe space? Whether it's due to an ever-growing clothes collection or an increase in your family size, you may want to consider a built-in wardrobe. If this particular storage option isn't usually on your radar, here are some reasons to invest in one.

A Customisable Option That Suits You

Whether you have a shoe collection that would make any celebrity jealous or you need to hang suits in pristine conditions, built-in wardrobes can work for you. You can tell the firm designing your wardrobe what type of storage you need and they'll make it happen. This means saying goodbye to simply having a rail and adding in a plethora of options, including vertical shoe storage, drawers and more. As a result, you can maximise the area you use and leave more free space in your bedroom.

Maximising Awkward Spaces Easily

As the cost of housing increases, so does the amount of space available to those who buy or rent new homes. As a result, you may find yourself sleeping in a bedroom that doesn't have space for much more than your bed. The person designing your wardrobe can customise it so that it fills the most awkward spaces and still provides you with somewhere to store your clothes. For example, your wardrobe can span across a corner. If you want to make it extra-functional, you can ask them to add mirrors to the outside for when you get dressed in the morning. Or, hooks for somewhere to hang essentials such as dressing gowns and coats.

Complementing Your Bedroom's Aesthetic

Wardrobes can achieve much more than acting as a storage space. With the right materials and colouring, they can bring your bedroom's aesthetic to life. By adding lighting to it, you can also set the right ambience in your bedroom when you need to wind down at night. Adding lighting to the inside of your wardrobe also makes it easier to find clothes first thing in the morning when it's dark. Using LED lighting inside your wardrobe may make it easier for you to relax into your morning than when you use harsh overhead lighting.

Increase Value

Finally, you may find that adding built-in storage space to your home increases its value. As a result, when it comes to reselling or attracting tenants, you could get more money. If you feel as though this type of wardrobe is right for you, now's a good time to start shopping around for quotes.

For more information on the benefits of a built-in wardrobe, contact a professional near you.