Are Security Doors a Good Idea in Homes?

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Are Security Doors a Good Idea in Homes?

23 July 2021
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Although security doors are commonplace in commercial locations where preventing unwarranted access is a high priority, most residential addresses in Australia do not have them fitted. And yet, they are becoming increasingly popular among Australian homeowners. There are several reasons why you might consider having a set of these sorts of doors fitted in your home, as well. What are some of the most compelling ones?

Feel Safer

Many people simply feel safer in their home when they have locked the front door. However, you can augment that sensation several times over when you have proper security doors or security screens installed. These doors are made from extremely durable materials that you cannot batter down. What's more, their frame will be attached to the walls of your home with long bolts so that they cannot be prised apart. In many regards, they are harder to get past than the walls of the average home. For many people who have them fitted, augmented security — and the peace of mind that goes with it — is the paramount consideration.

Burglar Deterrence

Australia has one of the highest rates of household burglaries anywhere in the world. When a career criminal is looking for places to break into, he or she will often pick the easiest target they can find. This might be somewhere that has easy-to-access doors which are out of sight from neighbouring properties. If your home falls into that category, then you need to find a deterrent, something that will make the would-be intruder think they'll be better off targetting elsewhere. This is exactly what a security door installation will offer. They look like conventional doors, but professional burglars will notice the difference and tend to steer well clear of them.

Fire Protection

Bushfires are an increasingly common problem in Australia, particularly in rural and suburban settings. Although security doors are primarily designed to keep intruders at bay, many will also serve very well as fire doors. You should check the fire rating of any security doors you are considering fitting because they'll often be good. The tight seal that such doors make with their frames is designed to stop tools from being inserted between them. A useful by-product of this feature is that they will also help to slow the rate of a bushfire outside from entering your home. In short, having them fitted could save your life in more ways than one by keeping unwanted elements outside of the home rather than allowing them to gain easy access.

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