What to Consider When Choosing Custom-Made Kitchen Designs

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What to Consider When Choosing Custom-Made Kitchen Designs

21 September 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Creating a custom-made kitchen design is an exciting process. Providing you find everything you need, you're going to enjoy a cooking space that makes life more convenient. Before you start the planning process, it's worth considering a few factors that could make your plans successful.

Storage space

From pots and pans through to food cupboard essentials, your kitchen stores an array of necessary items. To prevent your custom-made kitchen designs from resulting in clutter, it's worth considering how much storage space you need.

One way to calculate storage space is to look at what you're currently working with. If you don't have enough, adding in more will make life easier. For a more accurate estimate, you could also discuss your needs with a design professional. It's also wise to think about specific storage solutions. For example, ways to organise plastic bags, herb storage and wine racks.

Culinary facilities

If you're a wannabe chef when you're at home but you don't feel as though there's enough cooking space, your new kitchen needs to change that. Expansive counters and kitchens with islands are excellent for those who love to break out plenty of ingredients. Other facilities to consider could include robust extractor fans, large hobs, spacious ovens and roomy fridges. When you use a full-service custom kitchen design team, they'll present cooking-friendly options according to your needs.

Hygiene practicalities

Choosing the materials that bring your new kitchen to life is an excellent way to create a dream environment. However, before you delve into a world of granite and marble, think about what's practical.

If you're in charge of a busy household, you may find that choosing easy-to-clean surfaces works well. Both pre-cut laminate and wood are cost effective. They're also ideal for cleaning, although wood can warp when you apply too much heat to it. While concrete looks fantastic, it's worth considering how much time you can dedicate to cleaning and repairs. Granite, although pricier than laminate, is highly practical. It delivers a cosmopolitan finish while remaining easy to clean. 

Lifestyle benefits

Finally, always keep your lifestyle and the way a kitchen will work with it in the back of your mind. If your family loves congregating there, you'll need more empty spaces than working ones. If it's a narrow kitchen, turn towards vertical storage. Or, if you regularly host friends, consider adding an area that works well with bar stools.

By using a full-service custom kitchen design company, you can identify and tackle logistical issues with ease. During the design process, always offer your ideas. It's your kitchen, after all.