How to Secure Your Home with Design and Practicality in Mind

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How to Secure Your Home with Design and Practicality in Mind

21 September 2018
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You may be proud of your home and believe that it is a shining example of good design in your neighbourhood. You may have paid particular attention to its maintenance and have invested heavily to enhance its kerb appeal. Nevertheless, you also understand that security is very important and that you need to add some shutters to provide a deterrent to those "bad guys." These components may not only physically deter some opportunistic criminals, but they can often turn them away at street level, as they see them from a distance. How can you introduce some of these security components so that they fit in with your overall design while being easy to work with at the same time?

Aluminium Is the Answer 

Your best all-around choice will be a set of aluminium shutters. They are far less obtrusive or threatening than steel shutters and are relatively easy to look after, as well. They may be lightweight, but they provide a good degree of protection and also stand up to harsh weather conditions.

Making It Easier

Furthermore, you will be able to automate their operation quite easily so that these shutters do not present you with too much extra effort. This is especially important when the shutters protect an elevated window or door and when you make them remote control, you'll also be able to close them in a hurry, in the event of a bad storm.

Even Tougher Than Manual

By their very nature, remote-controlled shutters are more difficult to penetrate than manual ones. This is due to the hardware used in their operation, which tends to lock them in place automatically. This will also make it much harder for a criminal to gain entry.

Going the Distance

As you will be choosing remote-control aluminium shutters, you can now provide protection throughout your home. You can fit these shutters to skylights and windows on the highest floor without needing to worry about access.


Did you know that the latest remote-control shutters are interactive? You can log in to the dashboard from your smartphone to operate the shutters from wherever you are. You can even program them so that they open and close at different times on consecutive days, which will, in turn, give people the impression that someone is there, when they are not.

Making Your Choice

All that is left now is to choose the right style and colour to make sure that your new shutters fit in perfectly with your home design.