Why Bathroom Carpets Are Difficult to Keep Truly Clean

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Why Bathroom Carpets Are Difficult to Keep Truly Clean

10 August 2018
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Most people have a carpet-free bathroom, opting for tiles or other smooth surfaces instead. This is mostly because they're much easier to keep clean and hygienic, which is obviously important in a bathroom.

But as easy to clean as smooth flooring may be, it lacks the soft warmth of carpet, so you might decide you want to have it in your bathroom regardless. If you do, it's even more important to keep it clean than it is in any other room. Here are some of the particular risks to a carpet when it's placed in a bathroom.


One of the worst problems you'll face in your bathroom is the moisture. When you're running a bath or taking a shower, all of that steam has to go somewhere, and it will fall to the ground as it cools.

Moisture is bad enough in itself, as it can damage your carpet and the flooring beneath. However, it will also lead to mould and mildew, which are difficult to get rid of. Use an extractor fan and keep windows open whenever possible to allow some of the moisture to escape.

Of course, there's no mould without mould spores, and these can be damaging when they're inhaled, even if there's no visible mould. Vacuum your carpet regularly, and have it professionally deep-cleaned by a carpet cleaning company from time to time to keep them to a minimum.

Soap and foam

Getting soap on a carpet might not sound like the worst thing, but it can cause long-lasting stains. When that foam dries, it leaves behind a residue that can be difficult to shift. Depending on the ingredients of the product in question, it could also damage your carpet. Lay a bath mat over the top of your carpet when you bathe or shower, and be careful not to splash any soap on it. If you do, dab it up quickly and follow up with a thorough clean when it's dry.

Toilet splashback

By far the most unpleasant thing your bathroom carpet can get on it is splashed water and other, less-hygienic liquids from the toilet. Sadly, it's all but impossible to avoid, but you can stop it getting onto your carpet if you're careful and use a mat near the toilet. There's still likely to be some particles getting further afield, though, so have your carpet cleaned properly on a regular basis.


Bathrooms tend to attract human hair more than other rooms because of washing and combing. It can build up in the carpet and, even if you get the visible bits off, there are likely to be small pieces of hair deep down. This increases your chance of getting carpet-dwelling pests, so thoroughly cleaning it often is advisable.